Our Goal

Our goal is to give law enforcement professionals and other witnesses the skills to enter the courtroom at ease and deliver to the court their complete evidence in a thorough, uncompromised and credible way.

Our Effective Testimony Program is founded on sound adult education theory, research and our own experience in court.

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Our Approach

Our Effective Testimony Program is an intensive 2-day session for a maximum of 12 participants where we use actual court prosecutions, interactive lectures and discussions, demonstrations, extensive role-playing, video playback, peer review, positive suggestions and detailed feedback from our program instructors.

This is a practical, hands-on course. There are no Powerpoint presentations, no “talking heads”; just real-life experience with expert guidance and teaching.

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Our Results

Law enforcement professionals, and others who have  completed our program are trained and prepared to testify effectively during both examination-in-chief (direct examination) and cross-examination; and to both identify and counter the common techniques and strategies used by opposing counsel to compromise or weaken the impact of their testimony.

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Our Team

Our planning, design and instructional team has over twenty years in the field of adult legal education working with police officers, regulatory inspectors and forensic experts including analysts, technicians and scientists.

  • The Honorable R. Michel Bourassa
    Michel is a Witness Prep program instructor. He has over 35 years of trial experience, including 10 years exp as litigation counsel and 25 years experience presiding over criminal, civil and family court trials of all kinds. Michel has been teaching experts, technicians, scientists and law enforcement professionals how to give effective testimony for over 15 years....
  • John D. Cliffe, QC
    John is a Witness Prep program instructor and previously served as a senior Crown prosecutor with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. He has over 35 years of trial experience and, like Michel, has been teaching effective testimony techniques for over 15 years....
  • Ellen Bourassa
    Ellen is the Witness Prep program designer. She holds an MA in Adult Education from St Francis Xavier University. Ellen has 15 years of experience in adult education instruction in a college setting, program design and program management....