Our goal is to give law enforcement professionals, and other witnesses, the skills to enter the courtroom at ease and deliver their evidence in a thorough, uncompromised and credible way.

Our program is founded on sound adult education theory, research and our extensive experience on the Bench, at the Bar and in adult learning, which has taught us that effective learning is based several key ideas:

  • Adult learners are goal-directed and personally motivated. Our program participants choose to attend because they have a specific professional need to become better at giving evidence in court.
  • Adult learners require clearly stated learning objectives. Our program’s objectives are always clearly stated and understood by participants right from the beginning. They know that they will learn effective ways to testify in court including cross examination.
  • Achieving these learning objectives requires quality learning materials. We make our program’s materials available in advance, and they include papers written by our instructors and copies of reports of actual investigations.
  • Adult learners have different styles of learning. Our program uses a variety of instructional strategies—short interactive discussions, demonstrations by our instructors, and question and answer periods— to ensure every participant can learn effectively.
  • Adult learners need ample time and opportunity to practice their new skills and receive clear feedback. One key benefit of our program is that our instructors use a mock court setting in which each participant practices giving testimony and immediately receives individual feedback.
  • New skills are transferred to real life most successfully through good planning. Our program participants prepare a personal plan to reinforce how they will use their new skills to give effective testimony when subpeoned to court whenever they need to as part of their law enforcement work.