After completing our program, participants will be able to:

  • Enter the witness box prepared and at ease.
  • Testify effectively during examination in chief (direct examination)
  • Deal with common tricks, traps and techniques used by opposing counsel in cross examination.
  • Experience the satisfaction of communicating all of their evidence effectively.

Participant Comments:

“Honestly, at first I was not too enthusiastic to be on this course. It has, however, proven to be an excellent one that I believe every member should take. Testifying is the heart and soul of what police do!”

“The most valuable course I have taken in four years with the RCMP. Excellent work.”

“This was a fantastic learning opportunity. I have never felt embarrassed like this when testifying. I have never felt this unprepared. I have never been cross-examined so thoroughly and I NEVER want to be caught under-prepared again!”

“Thank you very much for devoting your time and experience. It’s the first time I have heard court officials speak with knowledge and respect of the RCMP.”

“I like the fact that my testimony was videotaped so I’ll be able to watch myself again. It was also awesome to have the comments and advice from a Crown attorney and a judge, as you never have the opportunity for such feedback.”

“I enjoyed and learned a lot of effective, practical lessons that I will be able to use in my police career. The cross-exam was hard to take, but it was excellent and beneficial. Thank you!”

“Very good experience; learned a lot, both in class and during the discussions that followed.”

“Great course! I learned a great deal and all of it was practical.”

“Excellent experience and a tremendous opportunity to focus on weaknesses and become stronger in the field of testimony.”